Progress in functional studies

Development of iPS lines for pharmacological studies As part of the project, experiments were conducted which highlighted that the genetic indicator of cellular calcium GCaMP6 is visible in human neurons derived from iPS cells when they are stimulated and develop electrical activity. The GCaMP6 therefore allows to visualize the electrical activity in these neuronal cultures […]

Pharmacological Inhibition of Necroptosis Protects from Dopaminergic Neuronal Cell Death in Parkinson’s Disease Models

Authors Iannielli A, Bido S, Folladori L, Segnali A, Cancellieri C, Maresca A, Massimino L, Rubio A, Morabito G, Caporali L, Tagliavini F, Musumeci O, Gregato G, Bezard E, Carelli V, Tiranti V, Broccoli V Abstract Dysfunctions in mitochondrial dynamics and metabolism are common pathological processes associated with Parkinson’s disease (PD). It was recently shown that an inherited form of PD and dementia is caused by mutations in the OPA1 gene, […]